Project outputs

. Training on the Ministry's unified portfolio. 2. Training trainers and trainers to train the Intilaaqah project for those who are coming and getting married. 3. Partnering with entities with distinct training rooms. [...]

The project justification

Reason: 1. Increase divorce rate by 80% in the first three years of marriage. 2 - The need for the next and the receptors to marry to acquire the skills of married life. 3. Achieve family and community security [...]

Project goals

1. The definition of the future and receptors to marriage with the controls of choosing the partner of life and marital rights and duties. 2. The definition of the future and receptors to marriage, the legal provisions in the relations between the spouses skills contain marital problems and family dialogue. [...]

Project Description

The Intilaaqah project was designed to prepare young men and women to marry in order to build a safe and stable family. The survey showed that 97% of those who received the course had a stable family life. The association expanded to include the family at all levels socially, economically [...]