Frequently Asked Questions

Takaful Charitable Association for Orphans in Madina is a non-profit, non-profit voluntary association with a legal personality and independent financial authority. The Association was established by the decision of the Minister of Social Affairs No. (22050) dated 2 / 1432H (590).

Yes Takaful has a special program to ensure that, and which is paid only for orphans and widows monthly expenses through electronic banking card..

The method of sponsorship is open at the level of the Kingdom either through mobile communication or visit one of the branches of the association in the city..

The orphan or widower is guaranteed by filling out a sponsorship application form by visiting one of the branches of the association or by contacting the sponsor's phone number 0505600310 and sending the required data (the name of the sponsor, the mobile, the city, the bank account number of the sponsor, the amount paid for the sponsorship, New ) .
The amount of the guarantee can be paid in cash in our branches in the city or through monthly deduction or bank transfer on account of guarantees in banks..

There is an icon on the site called our bank accounts with all our different accounts for our various projects. Link our accounts.

Our guarantee account is currently available in the following banks:
Al Rajhi Bank: SA7580000370608010352005
Al-Anma Bank: SA1205000068201099999001
National Commercial Bank: SA9510000032682982000210.

According to the system of the society and to preserve the dignity of the orphan can not communicate directly between the sponsor and orphans only through the association through some cultural programs or public entertainment with the group of orphans and public events..

Yeah. And that by attending the headquarters of the Assembly and delivered cash donation or gifts in kind and we will deliver them to orphans or widows as soon as possible..

300 SR per month for one orphan and 400 riyals per widow..

Send your CV (c.v) to your email

Yes, at the headquarters of the main assembly on the second ring in front of the water tower behind the palace of the evening of ceremonies..

Yes, the sponsor can enter a separate page of his own and follow up his payments, data, needs and many others through the electronic services icon of the main site and show him an icon that writes his guarantee number in the username field, and the password is the mobile number of the sponsor without zero (eg 5123456789).

If the sponsor has made a bank transfer to calculate our guarantees here the bank will make the transfer, the other way is that the sponsor transfer himself monthly to our account via ATM or through direct service..

4800 riyals for the widow of a full year, and 3600 riyals for a full-year orphan.

You can do this by bank accounts for our available projects. If your transfer to the private account is Faladi'i for our notice, we will pay the amount of each account based on the name of the account (for example: the amounts of the waqf account will be paid on the waqf)..